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In a previous blog post we addressed what next steps you may want to take if you witnessed your coworker being sexually harassed. Keep in mind that this blog is addressed only to coworkers who witnessed sexual harassment. If you are a supervisor or manager, you must report it.

If you sense the victim of harassment is reluctant to report it on their own, then give them an avenue to contact you later on to talk about this further. If the reluctance persists, it should be suggested that the victim consult with an employment lawyer before reporting it to the company. Tell them that you would be willing to speak to any lawyer they consult with about what you witnessed.

The bottom line is coworkers who stand together thrive together. By looking out for one another in your workplace, you can really build a sense of comradery that boosts morale and maybe even productivity. The main benefit, of course, is knowing you will have someone there to support you in case of sexual harassment because you will be there for them in a similar situation.