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Experiencing domestic violence is a traumatizing experience. Victims feel at a loss, ashamed, confused, and uncertain after having their world disrupted in such a violent way. The reason why this event is so disruptive is because victims must also still think about their responsibilities in the workplace like deadlines and performance reviews.

Employers within the five boroughs of New York City have been prohibited from discriminating against victims of domestic violence, but beginning on November 18, 2019, victims of domestic violence now have their own protected category under an amendment to the New York State Human Rights Law (“NYSHRL”), which applies to nearly all employers in the state.

Having a protected category means that victims of domestic violence may not be discriminated against because of their status as a victim of domestic violence.

Now that victims of domestic violence have their own protected category they can at least be reassured that  being treated differently because they are a victim of domestic violence is an unlawful violation under the NYSHRL. This protection gives victims the chance to take the time they need – be it through counseling, relocation, or court appearances – to recover and resolve the abuse they suffered from without having to worry about their work life being disrupted too.