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Executive Contracts

Thanks to our experience in this arena, we understand the nuances of the legal lingua franca and use it to your advantage. From drafting to negotiations, to final review, we lead you by the hand, to ensure that the final agreement you sign is hammered out precisely to protect your interests.

To prevent a future dispute, the language of an executive contract must be carefully constructed and free from ambiguity. Our attorneys offer highly capable legal representation to employers or professional employees in negotiating and drafting fair and effective executive contracts.

We counsel both employers and high-level employees, including Wall Street executives, securities and investment houses, financial industry professionals, investment banks, and other institutions and skilled professionals.  We serve clients nationwide and globally

Protecting Your Rights and Interests in Executive Contacts

The rights and responsibilities set forth in employment contracts will help ensure that the interests of both the employer and the employee are protected regardless of how the employment relationship concludes. Both employers and executive employees should therefore take drafting and negotiating executive contracts seriously, with careful attention paid to critical employment contract clauses such as:

  • Compensation and salary
  • Bonuses and commissions
  • Severance packages
  • Departure arrangements
  • Employment-at-will issues
  • Binding arbitration clauses
  • Non-competes and restrictive convents

When drafting and negotiating executive contracts, our firm’s primary goal is to fully address potentially critical issues head-on.

The executive contracts our clients enter into minimize the likelihood of future litigation. Careful and thorough work during the initial drafting of executive contracts can potentially save our clients large amounts of money in future litigation fees.

If you find yourself involved in litigation based on the terms, language, or execution of a contract, we have the deep litigation experience to help you present the correct interpretation to the court.

You would be wise to retain competent counsel on these matters, because executives and professionals have much at stake, in negotiating and honoring employment agreements or executive contracts.