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Commercial Disputes

For any business (especially if it’s a small business) located anywhere in the world, commercial disputes can present an array of serious problems if not addressed swiftly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Commercial disputes can jeopardize profitability, reputation, and sometimes the very existence of a business.  Our approach to commercial disputes is straight-forward: quickly learn the cause and parameters of the dispute, work proactively with the client to develop a desired outcome and a strategy to achieve that outcome, and then make it happen.

Our goal is to advance our clients’ business objectives. To reduce litigation risk, we develop compliance programs and provide training. While we are prepared to advocate for our clients if they find themselves in a commercial dispute, we recognize that litigation or arbitration is not the answer to every dispute. When appropriate, we work with our clients to help them resolve their disputes through mediation or other business-focused alternative dispute resolution techniques.

The beginning of a case can often be the most critical stage. We employ our own early case assessment techniques (and vast knowledge of employment law, and deep experience in litigation) to help our clients develop creative dispute resolution strategies, often leading to “win-win” outcomes. From successful pre-litigation settlement success stories to wins before tribunals, trial judges, juries, and appellate courts, start and finish each client’s case, focused on the specific course of action that will yield the optimal outcome for that particular client.