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Civil Rights

When a government, or a government employee, acts “under color of law” to violate a person’s constitutional, federal, and even state rights, a civil rights violation has occurred. Police brutality is one example of a civil rights violation.

Our law firm represents individuals in litigating matters involving civil rights violations committed by public officials pursuant to 42 U.S.C. Section 1983. Section 1983 enforces constitutional protections, as well as other statutory rights. It has been a major force in protecting individuals from abuses committed by counties, cities, municipalities, and the state. Every inhabitant of the United States may seek redress from officials who violate the civil rights of individuals.

Our firm litigates cases with facts involving:

  • Unreasonable force and death cases involve the use of unreasonable force and brutality by police officers by prison guards.
  • False Arrests violating the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Under both federal and state laws, individuals are protected against de facto arrests as well as those arrests resulting in criminal prosecution.

“Search and Seizures cases,” i.e. when a police officer screwed up his application for a search warrant and describes the wrong house, the inhabitants of that house may have a viable cause of action based upon the ensuing unlawful search of their home.