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All Immigration Matters

Bonnaig & Associates specializes in obtaining visas, permanent resident, and citizenship status, i.e. green cards, work permits, and/or other immigrant and non-immigrant visas on behalf of individual, as well as corporate, business, and non-profit clients.

With our strong connections to immigrant communities in the Tri-State area, and our additional expertise in labor and employment law, we have successfully processed many cases. We also are known for being a law firm that is willing to take on, and successfully resolve unusual and extraordinary immigration matters. We feel most fulfilled when we help clients obtain asylum in the United States, or artfully navigate the procedural morass of USCIS regulations when presented with difficult circumstances.

On non-immigrant matters, our clients have the option of having their non-immigrant visa petitions expeditiously decided by the US government under “premium processing” guidelines. These include H-1B, E-1/2, L-1A/B, O-1, Mexican/Canadian TN, P and many others. In addition to the above, we also handle: F-1 students, R-1 religious workers, J visas, 212e waivers, K & V visas, USCON visa denials/reversals, as well as many family based cases such as immediate relatives, adjustment of status, dependent adjustments, K-1/3 and V visas.