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Sexual harassment is a civil rights violation that should be met with prosecutions and administrative penalties. However, it is much more than an employment law issue that should be recorded, reported, and addressed. It is a devastation that can leave lingering marks on every aspect of a person’s life.

People who have been victimized by sexual harassment in the workplace often experience lasting trauma that makes going to work a frightful proposition. The disbelief and terror that strikes a person who receives a lewd text message, or a request for sexual favors, from a co-worker or supervisor is unimaginable. Unwelcome touching or sexual assault can trigger nightmares that take years to dissipate.

The wreckage of workplace sexual harassment often manifests in a person’s life in three ways:

* A person can get physically sick by sexual harassment, such as through sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, and/or physical injuries inflicted during the acts of sexual assault. Psychosomatic illnesses can also develop due to the anxiety triggered by the sexual harassment.

* Any sexual interaction that is not consensual will negatively impact the victim’s emotional state and their personal relationships. The ability to be vulnerable and intimate with significant others, family, and friends can be compromised due to a misplaced feeling of shame about being violated, which taints every future intimate interaction.

* Lastly, sexual harassment causes financial harm. The victim may feel so traumatized by what is happening at work that they abruptly leave their job and lose their only source of income.

Seeking Justice & Closure with an Attorney’s Help

An experienced employment lawyer can help put an end to workplace sexual harassment by advising how to report it through the appropriate channels. Your lawyer will counsel you on how to cooperate with any investigators assigned to your sexual harassment complaint. They can also help prevent or address any retribution you may face in case your employer or a supervisor is the harasser or knows the harasser on a friendly basis.

While working with an employment law attorney cannot turn back time and undo the events that occurred, they can be instrumental in preventing future acts of workplace sexual harassment. If the company or employer takes corrective action against the harasser, as a result of the lawyer’s involvement and representation, other employees may be also be spared from similar incidents. When a victim of sexual harassment helps themselves by taking a stand, they are investing in creating a more equal employment opportunity workplace for everyone at the company and beyond.

Come to Bonnaig & Associates, LLC and our New York employment law attorneys if you need legal guidance and moral support after being sexually harassed in your workplace. You deserve to feel safe and confident at work, and it is our goal to make that happen through our representation.