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Employers and employees do not necessarily need to be adversaries in the workplace. The two groups do not have opposing interests and should be able to get along. The shared goal of an enterprise is to be successful, and once that goal has been achieved, everyone will benefit.

There are ways to build workplace relationships that are non-adversarial. In particular, you should use mindfulness and emotional intelligence early on when small disputes that can cause a crack in workplace relationships arise.

Still, some relationships somtimes head south, and when they do, and there are violations of rights, recourse is available.

Cracks in trust and misunderstandings in the workplace are poisonous and can ruin relationships that were carefully built over the years. Having an experienced employment lawyer handle workplace disputes can repair the cracks and smooth out misunderstandings, so the parties can decide if they want to continue working together or part ways.

One typical workplace conflict that arises is employers or employees complaining about the other side behind their back. In this situation the right thing to do is to find out what is actually going on:

* What went wrong?

* Who is responsible?

* How do we move forward?

This approach to address the typical situation of complaining behind each other’s backs has the benefit of saving time by getting to the truth of the situation. It also saves energy by cutting off the tiresome process of complaining and creates the opportunity to come up with the best way to move forward.

By starting with the premise that employers and employees should always get along, it allows both parties to dedicate time towards maintaining the relationship in a way that is effective and productive.

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At Bonnaig & Associates, LLC, we are committed to serving workers throughout the state of New York who have been wronged by their employers. If you have an employment dispute that needs immediate attention, you should get in touch with our law firm to discuss the details of your case. We can build a strong legal strategy and ensure that your rights and interests are fully protected.